Covid New Patient Forms

Keeping Things Simple

Your First Appointment

A new patient is going to experience a relationship with a doctor like they’ve never had before. When you come for an office visit, you always see the doctor. You’ll have the opportunity to tell your story and we will begin thinking about all the factors in your story that are causing your problems. We will talk about how to remove those causes and form a plan that offers hope and lets you know that we’re going to continue to walk with you on the path of restoration.

By clicking below, you will be able to download a PDF document of our Covid New Patient Forms Paperwork.  The PDF allows you to fill it out digitally, or you may print it out and complete it manually.  From there, you can bring it in with you to your first visit.

Or, you can complete the form digitally, save it to your computer, and email it to us.  For this purpose, please use the following New Patient email address:

Click to Download Covid Forms